A Poem titled Black History by Tony Baugh

“For Mr. Brown, and all of my beloved sons.”

Last night

I had a dream then

awoke in

Matthew Henson’s

back yard

he said

through bristled jaw

that I saved an Inuit child

from exposure

to cold

the child did not thank me


I am too dark

to see



was born

by a river

was sold to




the drinking gourd

nursed my

ankles with blood


sopped my

tack with tears


my wife a body


Jim’s crow for dinner


marched on

good intentions

slept with

corner office



I had a dream

thought it

was a dream

awoke into pale light


cloudless skies do not always signal


somewhere right now

I lie face down

taking my last

breath to the head

with eyes like

empty promises

& the sky

could not be bluer

Tony Baugh is an STM student from southern Virginia. He is a licensed non-denominational minister, writer, and musician who enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and dog.

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