By Laura Pierson

When the quakes of the earth ring through your spine, let your breath be a reminder.


For each breath we take connects us back and across.

Back to the days and lives that brought you here, across the web of beings near and far who carried you. Collectively, the rhythm of their lungs sang you to this very space, this exact moment.

How invigorating it is to acknowledge the heartbeats that rang, the feet that walked, the lips that buzzed to lead you here.


Lives other than your own carried you.

Lives other than your own relied upon you.

Lives other than your own sang your praises.


The quakes of isolation pale in comparison to the power of the bridges we have built, paths we have forged, mountains and valleys we have trekked to stand at this very place.

Let us honor our own time-tested tradition of letting breath sing from our lungs.


This is the rhythm that led us here.

This is the rhythm that holds us.

This is the rhythm that will guide us home.


Laura Pierson is a MTS/MAT dual-degree at STH. She enjoys reading, writing, and laughing with anyone and everyone. Her academic focuses are liberation theology and equitable pedagogies in urban schools. When she isn’t at school, Laura can be found exploring local coffee shops.

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