I Fear not Hell

By Andrew Mackay 

I fear not hell
for god, if such a being exist
would be of Love
all shall be saved
the punishment for sin
is within life itself
that the hells we commit
prisons of our own mind
and body
do not follow us

No, I fear heaven
that those whose pain
and suffering is beyond that
which any being with inherent
worth and dignity
should endure, shall
not see a better place
and have their pain taken
replaced with
eons upon eons
of grace?

Matter is neither
created nor destroy
I know our bodies live on
even as they break apart
to an uncertain future
beyond that,
who am I to know,
who am I to tell
who am I to judge

Andrew Mackay is a first-year MDiv/MSW dual-degree student and Unitarian Universalist. He is a poet and blog writer, with an interest in community ministry and college chaplaincy.

The cover image is a still from Come Sunday, a Netflix film about televangelist, Carlton Pearson, who came to believe in universal salvation and was declared a heretic by his ecclesiastical body. He today preaches at All Souls Tulsa, a Unitarian Universalist congregation.

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