Unfolding Presence and Absence

As figments and figures unfold in blissful rhapsody,
As hopes are battered and bleed, they twist into mental complexities
We breathe, we of dirt, we breathe!!

As silence lays bare what only whipping posts have prior shown. 
What is it to scream, but a simple fracture in this silence?
Teach me I plead, teach me how to have hope in this abandonment. 
Yes, you God of the living, teach me how to dispel the grasp of tragedy.

Lights above me
Purple, Blue
Neon Green 
Emissions and admissions of the faceless men, countenance replaced by screen
Modernistic, Mechanistic 
Fideism compelled by the love of the will to death. 

Memories of the future, visions of the past
Nothing new under the sun 
Nothing never learns that it alone will last

God of mine
Teach me to love and bridge this dialectic 
Between seeing man and knowing you, Abba. 
Unfold me in blissful rhapsody, simply to collapse forward into what will last.

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