About The Prophet

About Us

The Prophet is a journal created by and for the students at the Boston University School of Theology (BUSTH) to amplify the voices of STH students by promoting and sharing a range of perspectives on matters of concern including, but not limited to, spiritual practices, faith communities and society, the nature of theology, and current affairs.  It serves as a platform for STH students to share their academic work, theological reflections, and life experiences with one another and the wider community.


All content submitted to The Prophet will be published at the discretion of the editing committee based on the policies set forth by BUSTH’s community life policies and procedures (click here). If necessary, content will be edited minimally for grammar and/or format. Inflammatory or hateful language directed at any person or community will not be tolerated; submissions of this kind will be rejected.


  • Students are encouraged to submit works of ambition and excellence, cultivating both their personal and professional voice.
  • All submissions will be treated equally; no submissions will be privileged over another.
  • No submissions will be rejected as long as it meets the aforementioned standards.
  • The executive committee will strive to maintain a prophetic attitude by seeking out voices that need to be heard, accepting diverse worldviews, and challenging assumptions.
  • A length of 400-2000 words is suggested, but submissions of shorter or longer length may also be accepted.

Managing Editor: Laura Ellis, MDiv ’21 | Editor: Alex Solomon, MDiv ’21 | Editor: Haley Hansen, MDiv ’22 | Editor: Mahalia Damm, MDiv ’21 | Faculty Advisor: Dr. Katheryn Darr

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