Meet The Team

Emily Padgett

 I’m currently pursuing the Masters of Divinity at Boston University, moving into my second year of the program. I am also thrilled to partner with the International Institute of New England as my Contextual Education placement, giving me the chance to come alongside refugees and other displaced people in the community. A few of my passions include swing dancing, birding, hiking & photography, finding local coffee shops to write and drink chai at, and seizing every opportunity I can to travel whether it is to the next town over or Europe. I am also an officer with BU School of Theology’s (STH) student writing group that facilitates The Prophet, STH’s student journal.

Allison Brown

Madison Boboltz

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” These words have stuck with Madison ever since she devoured the Harry Potter series as a fifth grader. Having grown up in Fort Worth, Texas, Madison was exposed to a number of different faith communities growing up in which she witnessed both the life-giving and not-so-life-giving aspects of religion. Now, she finds herself at STH getting her MDiv so she can become an elder in the United Methodist Church. Her love and passion for reading and writing have always coincided with her passion for developing a holistic theology and reclaiming church, and she believes strongly in the creative power of words to inspire meaningful spiritual and communal engagement. Read some of her work that’s been published for Baptist News Global.

Greta Gaffin

Greta is a second year MTS student. She appreciates the written word in all its components, and is currently doing Contextual Ed at the Congregational Library in Boston. She has also been a reporter for the Bulletin, a weekly newspaper in Boston, since 2020.

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